Search user between multiple domain at Openfire 3.7.0

Dear all,

I have two openfire server as a following figure.

{Server A (} ============= {Server B (}

| | |

[] [] []

ClientSoft: Spark 2.5.8

Search Plug-in version: 1.5.1

Search Service name: search.[domain]

Few days ago, these openfire’s version is upgraded 3.6.4 -> 3.7.0.

After upgrade, trouble happened that can’t access to search service each other.

(Before upgrade, they can access)


  1. Login as userA at ServerA

2.Oopen “Person Search” window

  1. Input ""and push “Add Service” button

  2. Appear dialog “Unable to contactsearch service.”.

  3. See the Smack Debug Window, there is a error message.



I’m searching resolution of this problem. If you have some information, please teach me!

I solved this problem.

after install oenfire, do following steps,

1 : enter admin console

2 : “Server” -> “Server Settings” -> “Security Settings”

3 : check “Accpt self-signed …” at “Server Connection Security”.

4 : save setting.

after these steps, I can search user at other domain.

Hi All,

I tried the above said suggestion, but still I am getting the error “Unable to contact search service”

I tried the following

  1. search.[domain]

  2. [domain]

then hit Add Service in Spark

I am using Openfire 3.7.1 and Spark 2.6.3.

Any help would be appreciated a lot.

Thanks in advance