Search users from other servers


How can I search for users from other wildfire servers? I have a list of wildfire servers in the branch offices of my company.



Hey David,

I don’'t know which client are you using. Many clients (e.g. Spark) will let you specify the search service address to use to run the search.

Let’'s follow this example:

. your server name is and

. you have a remote server named that provides a search service located in

From Spark, that is connected to, you will need to specify that you want to use for the searches. Search requests will go to that service and the result will contain users of the remote server. You can then add those contacts to your roster.


– Gato

Hi Gato

Your answer has been very useful. Let me explain to you with more detail the situation. First of all I’'m new to wildfire. In every branch office we have a wildfire server, and everybody uses the NEOS client from

My question now is how can I see the service in all the clients for using it.

Cheers and thanks for all.


Hi David,

this seems to be a 100% neos question, so giving you an answer may be a challenge for Wildfire or Spark users. I have no idea how to do this.