Searching for text in archived conversations


I have installed OpenFire 3.6.4 on a Windows 2000 (SP4 and latest hotfixes) server using our in-house Microsoft SQL server.

I have installed the Monitoring Service from Jive Software version 1.1.1 that is supposed to archive all conversations.

I can navigate to the Servers tab on the OpenFire web interface and go to the Archiving tab and click on “search” with no keywords defined and it finds the conversations that have occurred on the system, but if I define a keyword “lunch” and search for that nothing shows up; however the word “lunch” is used several times in conversations that show up when a keyword is not defined.

Why is the search function not working properly? Is there something I am missing?

Everything else seems to be working fine … including file transfers and the MOTD plugin as well.

Thank you for any help you can offer!


Anyone??? I can’t believe I am the only one having this problem!