Second network interface


i put a second interface into my server, because i want to move the openfire-server into the dmz, the original interface should be used for an intranet-wiki.

But i’ve got the problem that openfire accept no connections to the new interface. I want to bind all ports used by openfire to this new interface.

I used the network settings in the openfire.xml without sucess.

Please can somebody help me to bind openfire to my new IP? Whats to do, i have the openfire V. 3.5.2

Thanks a lot

Holger from cologne/ germany

What OS is on the server?

Hallo Todd
it’s Debian 4.0 sarge and i think it’s a networking problem, because when i shutdown one of the interfaces it works fine. I have the same problem with ssh, i can make only to one of the interfaces a connection.
With icmp (ping or traceroute) everything looks o.k.