Second Openfire Server or Connection Manager

I am currently using openfire 3.6.1 but am needing to add users which are part of the same AD domain, but in a different physical location, connected via a private T1. We don’t want any of their localized IM traffic coming across the T1 unless they are chatting with people over here, so I am wondering if I should setup a second server over there or if I should use connection Manager. Looking at the picture here

it almost looks like connection Manager will work for this? Can the connection Managers route traffic to other people connected to the same connection manager or do they still pass all traffic over to the server and back? A second server seems like the only option, but wondered if this was a capability of CM. Thanks,


Connection Managers route all traffic to the Openfire server. So a second server is a much better solution if you want to minimze traffic.

As T1 or broadband lines do not cost too much you may still consider using a CM or even start without a CM and measure the traffic used. It will be much more easy to mange for you.