Secondary LDAP Authentication

I currently have Openfire running locally in our office as a means of easier communication. So far so good. However, I recently ran into an issue with the Directory Service (LDAP) setup. An overview of the setup below.

Openfire is running on its own server and communicates with our Domain Controller (Active Directory) for authentication. This works great, as it creates Spark accounts automatically when new user accounts are created on the network. I recently setup a secondary Domain Controller which is a mirror of our primary domain controller. This acts as a “Plan B” for disaster recovery. During a recent test where I remove our primary domain controller from the network, and use the secondary domain controller for authentication; it wasn’t suprising that users could no longer login to thier Spark accounts.

The obvious reason is that you can only setup one Directory Service within Openfire.

My question is: Is there a way to setup a secondary Directory Service which would communicate with our secondary domain controller?

Thanks in advance,


it is either a comma or semicolon list in the DC list for openfire. add as many asa your want.

Worked like a charm. Thanks for the reply!

FYI: It was comma seperated.