Secret Features

So one of the things that I always need to use are Tasks and Notes. So what I used to do is use vi or notepad on my work computer and then go home and no longer have my notes (well ok, there is VPN), andthat just wasn’‘t cutting it. So I thought to myself, hey Derek, what central server could you use to store all your tasks and notes, and retrieve them from wherever, from your favorite client . Well, I’'ll be darn, I use our Wildfire server constantly, and why not just use that. So…

ctrl + f5 - Invokes Tasks in Spark

ctrl + F6 - Invokes Notes

Now, these are just the start, and took no effort, but I personally live inside my IM client and hate using email/other applications, so I’'ve started my own little personal ScratchPad feature set. Some of my co-workers loved it so much, I decided to announce it here. Consider an easter egg of sorts.



Hi Derek,

if I want to move the Notepad, which is fine, and press the left mouse button then the upper left corner of it is moved to the position of the mouse … you may want to add this to your Tasks (:.

Such a simple task list is unfortunately not for me. I need a calendar included and the option to generate taskgroups and nested task with automated notifications(date) aka simple workflows. The task one-click-delete feature seems to be a little bit dangerous.


I think LG should write up a plugin

I like your idea on that LG.

Also, this is a REALLY sweet feature Derek. I do the same thing a lot.

I have these little TODO files all over my Linux boxes(servers)


just ran the auto-update for Spark 2.0.1…seems these eggs were left in the basket on this release…

i tried and neither work for me in the latest spark release…just prior to the install finishing i was testing in the previous version i had - (i think - as best my memory serves on version)

Yeah… they really were.

Probably best if these were kept as a Plugin though.

They are two really useful things, however.

Hope Derek releases the code


Ctrl+N is now also missing completely. So I wonder if the keyboard input handler has a problem with the “Control” key.