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Security problem in Spark

Dear developers, You must disable chat future while user will not add You in contact list (allow You chat with him). Shortly: in search dialog, chat option must be disabled, this is bad, or this must be optional, example: Allow talk with me anyone or only users in my contact list!

Please add this feature.

Sorry for my english.



Hi Vasiliy,

may I ask why this should be disabled?

An anti-spam option which drops messages from other users who are not in my roster is missing. So one who wants privacy can get it.


Anti-spam option ???

Where You get this?

Can You say me, where i can search this option?

Or this is plugin?



Hi Vasily,

as I said “An anti-spam … is missing[/b].” The next sentence was confusing, I did mean if it would be available one could get the needed privacy. Sorry

It seems that you’‘d prefer such a solution instead of making the search service nearly useless, doesn’'t it?