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Security Response Mechanism

benjamin wrote:

Changed to wrooot@gmail.com and sent another test email. It’s odd you weren’t getting it because the mail log showed delivery to your mail server.

Still, no email.

me neither…

OK, I’ve confirmed it’s only sending to igniterealtime.org addresses… so even Matt and Gato aren’t getting it. Whoops.

I’ll let you know when this is resolved.

Email issue resolved. Relevant parties should have a message in their inboxes.

Yep Daryl, maybe we should add security responders to that Doc you are forging? Or should we stick to that mailing list address and stay incognito?

Today on forums one user asked where can he send a security vulnerability report. So i suggested to send an email to security@igniterealtime.org (wonder if it still works). Also he was asking about a list of vulnerabilities to put his issues there after they would be fixed.

Currently this email forwards to me, Daryl, Gato and Matt. Maybe we should also add Guus and Niess to that mailing list?

Hi Benjamin,

I wonder whether it is possible to setup a space where anyone (maybe even not registered users) can create documents and limit “read document” to “key contributors” (and r+w for threads to key contributors).

If this is not possible I’d prefer using a simple cgi script doing this. So one could discuss issues “internal”.


I’d like to be added to that list, yes.

Guus has been added to the distribution list. I’ll add Niess when you agrees.

Short answer is, “I’m not sure.” Would be a cool thing that could probably be done on 4.0 if not 3.0. Maybe after we get the servers migrated?

Hi Ben,

Please add me to the list.

Thank you.

Hi Ben,

I too wish to be added to this list, I have private messaged you my email in advance.

Thank you