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See myself in roster as offline

Does anyon else see themselves in the roster with offline as the presence? Why would I appear in my own roster list? Happening for all users.

Nope. I do not have that issue here.

My environment is all windows:

Server is windows 2003, using Active Directory for LDAP

client is windows xp sp2 spark version 2.5.8

Looks like I’ll be reinstalling/configuring one more time and am not going to have a single custom filter and see if that helps.

Driving me crazy that so many people can have such different results doing practically the same thing. I just figure if I get the groups/users into the server then the client should not be having all these problems. I mean, if I have groups showing, I enable sharing of the groups to all users, then all users should see the groups right? NUTS!

Okay, did a complete reinstall on Windows XP. Server is sql 2005 express and I did not customize any AD filters except for using a different base DN. Cleared my existing spark profile folder - which for me is not in %USERPROFILE% because of some redirection issue probably, and shared a couple groups and boom, it worked. It only worked after I deleted my spark profile folder content and set it back up. What a PITA. So, all my problems might have occured because I needed to delete my profile or because my AD filters somehow cause me to see myself as offline, not see other groups which are shared to all users, etc.