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Seeking numbers

Hey everyone,

I’‘ve setup JM for my company, as an alternative to another, let’‘s just say, ‘‘not so friendly’’ IM system, and we are getting a ton of folks jumping onboard. Thanks to Gato and friends, I’‘ve been able to increase the DB connection pool so that I’'m no longer running into problems (he says crossing his fingers).

I wanted to start a discussion thread to get folks to tell how many online users they are supporting (on average). My site is closing in on 900 concurrent online users. I’'m running on a Linux box (RHEL3), and have already done a ‘‘ulimit -n <# bigger than 1024>’’ in preparation for us crossing the 1024 boundary.

Please, let’'s post here and get an idea of who has the largest # of users supported, and any tips/tricks you might have for supporting that # of people. Thanks.



I don’'t have any specific numbers to add. However, one trick to improving memory usage with many connections is to decrease the default stack size (there are several threads about this if you do a search).