Selected Text in Chat Window

When I select text in a chat window, it disappears into the background (I have attached a screenshot).

This is with the default colors, and look & feel set to “Windows”.

The word in the picture is “testing”. You can see that it is there, because it is red-underlined for being “spelled” incorrectly (it is not capitalized).

If I change “Chatinput.SelectedTextColor”, I can read the selected text, but it does not look highlighted because there is still no background color.

It seems there should be a


or something. Or else, it should use the windows defaults for selecting text (typically blue), rather than a white background for selecting.

Just tried the lastest SVN, this is still happening.

Selected text is not correctly highlighted. I reset my colors to defaults by deleting the “color.settings” file, so I doubt I did this myself.

Any ideas?

currently (why, no idea) the ChatInput.selectedTextColor is set to 255,255,255,255 which is Color.White

change it to 0,0,255,255 (in the gui its 0,0,255,100%) and selected text will be blue

can you create a Ticket in Jira and assign it to me?

I will add another Color option for ChatInput.SelectedBackground and fix the white default tomorrow.

I would create a ticket, however it seems I can only create issues under the “Tinder” project. Maybe I am looking at the wrong Jira?

filed as SPARK-1287

Wolf, only a few users can create tickets in Jira Everyone else can just comment and vote on them. That’s how things are now.

This is now working perfectly.

Thank you!