Selectively delete chat logs- monitoring service

Exactly what the title says. i have the chat logs listed in the plugin pages but i don’t know how to delete the ones i don’t like, or all and such. i couldn’t understand the topics related to db viewer and so on, so i’m posting a new tpic related to this and hopefully someone will give advice that works for me- a noob

There is no such option in this plugin itself. If you want to delete all the conversations or just some of them you will have to access your database directly and delete entries in question. If you don’t have knowledge for this i suggest not to do anything as you can brake you database. I suggest to find someone with database editing knowledge then.

i may need a bit of hand holding because i simply need to delete logs selectively. any software or front end or viewer i can download to do this job? i have a programmer and IT personnel who can help

That depends on what database you are using. Usually databases has some software for editing, like MySQL or MSSQL does. If you are using the embedded-db, then there are less choices, as this is just a plain text file and not a real databse. In any case you need an SQL expert who will understand the structure of Openfire database and will be able to do selects needed. Sorry, i’m not the one who can do this, can’t help you.