Self references in S2S overview

I’'m running Wildfire (3.1.1) in Java 2 Runtime, Standard Edition (1.5.0_10) on Debian Etch (4.0 RC1) with a postgreSQL (8.1) database backend. The following Plugins are enabled: Broadcast (1.5.2), IM Gateway (1.0 Beta 6b), User Import Export (2.0.4).

I can often see mydom.tld, icq.mydom.tld, yahoo.mydom.tld, aim.mydom.tld and conference.mydom.tld in my own servers S2S connection overview. As sometimes there are evil 99% CPU load problems, I wonder if this is a normal appearance or could this be a cause for that CPU load peak?

In a prior installation of Wildfire (same version) on a Debian Sarge (3.1) box with MySQL (5.0) backend I have never seens such items in S2S overview.


did the Debian Sarge server has the gateway plugin installed?

For me it looks like a Gateway plugin.


No there wasn’'t a gateway plugin installed. I shall test it without the gateway thing. Thanks for the idea.