Semi-admin for openfire


i want to grant semi-admin rights to the particular user.
using this login admin should be able to add / remove users, reset passwords but must not be able to change server configurations.

kindly guide me to implement same.


There is no way to do this with openfire. Openfire admins are all or nothing.

There is a plugin in the downloads section of this site called “User Service” that I think could be adapted to do this. I have not had time to get into it, but the way it is setup should allow someone to create a web form that will output the required http for simple user administration. Put the forms in a password protected directory for security and walla, a simple basic user management could be born…

It would be nice if someone could develop a plugin with a bit more security then the “user Service” plugin, but I do think it could be made to work. I’m just not sure I am quite capable of doing it. If you figure it out, I’d be interested in getting a copy of the form…


Wayne Campbell


we had the same requirements and created a password reset self sevice and a registration module. The pass reset is here:

The registration module didn’t make it to the community plugins up to now, as it is work in progress. The main objective is a dezentralized user registration service that is done by regional super users. The users are validated against a corporate LDAP to ensure proper naming and e-mail adresses. As always, the user registration is quite different from company to company and you will probably have to do some development on your own.

The deletion of users is still a central adminstrator job.

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