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"Send a File" in contact list context menu still appears when File Transfer is disabled


I would like to report a bug with Spark’s interface when file transfers are disabled.

The “Send a File” menu item in the contact list context menu still appears after we disabled the file transfers on the OpenFire server. When a user clicks on this menu item, it will prompt to select a file then, when a user selects a file, do nothing.

Looking over the codebase (we are using Spark 2.6.3), I have noticed that there is not a check before adding the “Send a File” action to the context menu in the showPopup() method in org.jivesoftware.spark.ui.ContactList

It appears in the org.jivesoftware.spark.filetransfer.SparkTransferManager object, you do the following check in the constructor:


which prevents the transfer manager from initializing – which works, no file is sent. We could use this check in the before the “Send a File” action is added to the context menu.