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Send attach file approval

Hi All,

I just like to express my idea because I’m not able to see it in Openfire and Spark IM.

Can Openfire or Spark will have the feature that will let the attach file being sent (by spark user to another spark user) be approved first by another Spark user (let’s say admin or approver user) before that file received by the another spark user (expected file receiver)?

Also, it would be great if the approver (also a spark user) has the ability to view the file. This will help the approver to determine whether he/she will approve it or not.

Please let me know if this idea is interesting to you guys. I believe you can build another plugin for spark/openfire for the feature I said.

Such feature is not common for IM clients/servers, so i doubt it will be added to Spark or/and Openfire. Unless you will find some developer to create such plugin for you. It sounds very complicated to develop though. File transfer is already a huge mess with various network setups/issues.