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Send message from server to client chat application


I configure the Openfire server and create 5 users on this server and i successfully login that user from client chat application. and successfully send message from one user to other. but i want to send message from server to user only not from one user to other users. so can any one suggest how i do this.


There is no such option, but it can be done via a plugin, which you will have to program, because i don’t think there is such. Currently all you can do i a send a message to all Online users from the server. Admin Console > Sessions > Tools.

I want something different. server andmin consol message to all users that are online but i want to send message to selected online or offline user. so please suggest it is possible?


I’ve already said that this is possible, but not out of the box. You will have to code this yourself. You will need to write a plugin or change the code directly to change the current behavior or add your desired behavior on top.


if openfire doesn’t have that feature, you have to modify your roaster.

on pandion, i have an edited groupmessage.html which allow you to broadcast message only to online users.

what roaster you use?

ups…it solved: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/41430?tstart=30