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Send message from web application

Hi, I was search in lot of pages the way to send Messages to Wildfire users from a web application, so when have a new record or a registry is updated, a message is sent alerting about change. The Wildfire version is Wildfire 3.2.3 and have HTTP Bind enable accross 8080 and 8483 port. Application is ASP based. So much thanks to everobody !

Hello, had the same question a few weeks ago.


i found a solution, but it works only with php. Maybe u can use that for your asp Pages?


This class for php is realy simple, i use it like that:

<?php require("data/class.jabber.php"); $JABBER = new Jabber; $JABBER->Connect() or die("Couldn''t connect!"); $JABBER->SendAuth() or die("Couldn''t authenticate!"); $JABBER->SendPresence(NULL,NULL,"BOT",NULL,NULL); $JABBER->SendMessage("**receiver@jabberserver.org**", "normal", NULL, array("body" => "Textmessage, write whatever you want.")); $JABBER->Disconnect(); ?>

I hope this helps a little