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Send Message Via HTTP

I have an intranet made up of Flex 2 swf components. They communicate using XML to a backend server running IIS and fed from ASP web pages. Openfire is on the same server as IIS.

I would like to set up socket connections from the swf components through to Openfire and when an ASP page which updates our backend databases is called, I would like the relevant ASP page to pass a chunk of XML containing the updated information to Openfire and have Openfire push that XML to all the connected sockets. That way, the intranet will update in real time without having to rely on page refreshes called by the client machines.

Is that possible? And if so, is it easy to implement?

I am currently waiting for the AS3 implementation of XIFF before I set up the sockets, but don’'t want to waste time if this is not do able.



It is possible and wouldn’'t be terribly difficult to implement.



Thank you for replying. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction as to how, and any limitations I might encounter.


Opening sockets from flash would one way, but an alternative would be to make a netconnection from flash to the red5 plugin and have the server push the data by calling remote methods on the flash client. You would have to write the server side red5 java application that would accept the data directly from your asp pages or from an openfire plugin.

I don’'t use flex so I am not sure what it would look like in flex2, but I have just done similiar in openlaszlo calling remote methods both ways, passing strings and arrays as parameters.