Send/Receive error

Excuse me for cross-posting… but I realize this may be a spark issue rather than wildfire (and have had no luck with help over there)

Randomly our users are not able to send and/or receive.

There are no connection errors and it will work with some users and not others.

I am use Wildfire 3.1.0 with LDAP (AD)

And I am using Spark 2.0.4 as a client

Basically randomly I will send a message to a user and see that they are typing but when they hit send the message never comes back.

Below is some code retrieved from debug mode if it helps


Anyone have ANY ideas? I reinstalled the server with 3.1.1 and I reinstalled spark with 2.0.4.

So all our clients are now on 2.0.4

I’'m banging my head into a wall trying to figure this out.

For anyone reading this and having the same situation… it seems it was an issue with our roster and cache.

After each new user you must clear the cache and restart the client. then they will both work. not sure if this is due to my current configuration, or a but… but it’'s the fix!