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Sending an ack?

Some clients may require an acknowledgement of each message. At least Miranda’'s jabber plugin has an option to turn this on.

How do I recognize that an ack is required, and how do I create one?

If the above is not totally non-sense, shouldn’'t the ack be treated by the library?


According to the XMPP spec, messages do not need to be acknowledged. However, if you do need to send acks for some reason, just create a PacketListener for all messages, and send the acks manually.



Weird, then what is this option in Miranda’'s jabber plugin all about?

I’'ll try to find out what kind of ack they are using.

Do I understand correctly that messages in Jabber are inherently reliable (well, compared to e-mail for instance)?


They are “reliable” in a sense, but there is no guaranteed delivery contract (which would require acks).