Sending chat logs to email

I’ve seen a couple of people ask about having conversations forwarded to an email address for logging purposes, but I haven’t seen anyone with an answer yet. Has anyone managed to do this? We currently dump all of our emails to a WORM tape and we’re using an IM proxy that will forward everything to one email box for logging. I just installed Openfire this morning and I’m allready liking the AD integration with automatic roster population from our AD groups. If it could just dump everything to an smtp server I think I could dump our old system and move on to something better.

So far I have seen two options for the task you are talking about:

  1. audit messages sending them to the log file - go to: Server > Server Setting > Message Audit Policy
  2. message archiving - go to: Server > Archiving > Archiving Settings

There is one other option you may want to look at - Content Filter, go to: Server > Server Settings > Content Filter, which will allow you to directly email messages with specific content.