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Sending files

I was wondering if this is a Spark thing or a Windows thing but when I go to send a file (mostly they are photos) I am not able to see or use thumbnails to view the images. So without knowing the name of the file, I have to go in and hunt down the image then jot down the image name then go back into Spark and browse to the image to send. We send alot of images back and fourth through Spark sooooo , is this something that can be changed through Spark or can I get some guidance on how to facilitate viewing images through the file box. (right now I can see details or files not thumbs)

Thanks in advance


I assume that this is an issue with Spark, as you can select only View-List or View-Details. Not sure if Java uses the operating systems file open dialog, if it does than at least on Windows one should have the option to select thumbnails.

If you see the thumbnails in your Windows Explorer you may use drag-n-drop to send the file with Spark, just drop it on a user in your roster or in the chat window.


Sounds good. Was confused because I could see them in explorer but not when I was looking for a specific image through the spark attach file. There is more than one way to skin a cat… Might be a nice option, would save lots of time for me. Thanks for the comment!