Sending message with plugin

Hello… I’'m newbie in spark dev…

now, i’‘m trying to make a plugin on Spark. My plugin is a button on ChatRoom and my scenario is when my button clicked, it send a message to my partner that i chat with. i success to make a button on the chatroom but i failed to send a message to my partner when the button is clicked. I’‘m looking this topic on the forum but i can’'t found one…

I’‘m trying to using method sendMessage on Chat class but i didn’'t know how to get my partner JID. Even it make spark fail to load. so anybody can help me how to solve this problem???

thnx for ur attention…

Hi gbe_big,

Below is a snippet of code that shows how to add a button to the chat room (which I know you’‘ve already done) and how to get the JID of the person you’'re chatting with:

private void addChatRoomEditorButton() {
      ChatManager chatManager = SparkManager.getChatManager();       final ChatRoomButton button = new ChatRoomButton(getImageIcon("stock_copy.png"));
      button.setToolTipText("Share an editor");       chatManager.addChatRoomListener(new ChatRoomListenerAdapter() {
          public void chatRoomOpened(final ChatRoom room) {
              button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {               public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                 String pJID = ((ChatRoomImpl) room).getParticipantJID();
                 //there you have it :)
          }           public void chatRoomLeft(ChatRoom room) {

Hope that helps,


Hello Ryang…

yeah the code is work

thnx very much…