Sending messages to MSN/YAHOO/AOL programatically

I installed and configured the wildfire server. I need following functionality.

-I need to send message to AOL/YAHOO/MSN users programatically. Is there anyway, i can send out messages programatically? I mean i can drop some message file in some fodler and wildfire server can pick up the message file and send out the message to user.

please help



Hi gotech,

as you may have noticed Wildfire is a xmpp / jabber server, to get access to AOL, Y! or MSN you need to install transports like pyMSN, …

It is based on the xmpp spec and JEPs and I’'m not aware of a spec which would require that the server reads local files and sends them to users, it sounds a little bit like spam.

Anyhow it will be easy to use Smack or any other xmpp client library to write a client or bot which reads files and sends them to users.


Well, first of all it is nothing realted to spam…

We have customers…who needs to get notified on certain events…this notfication is sent to their AOL/MSN/YAHOO messanger.

So, this notifications are sent as events are occuring…so, events can be queued[/b] and some program can read those events and execute the API to send this event to customer…