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Sending user information to an MUC

Hi all.

I’‘ve been asked to find a way of only allowing certain departments access to certain Group Chat Rooms based on given information. ie: department name. I have added an extra field to the user table and have modified the code to allow this extra field. I have also done the same to MUC, where department name is an extra field. My problem is how do I capture the client field from another server. ie: how can a client on domain 1 pass it’'s credentails (extra information) to the room on domain 2?

Any help would be great.

One way to solve this could be to use members-only room with registered nickname

Members of a department room would be deparment’'s staff.

Of course it requires more configuration, but easily scales to multiple domains.

Thank you for your help with this issue. I have decided to go down a different route as other issues will need to be solved further down the line.