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Sent / received file History removing when windows chat closed and reopened in spark

Hi Team,

i found out that, if i am sending any file to any Spark IM client user. file is successfully sending. but when i close chat window after sending file it doesn’t show that the file was sent. rest chating history is showing with time stamp. except file sent or Receive history.

Spark Verion is : 2.6.3


hi Wroot,

Yes, files will be save on the desired location. only sent/Receive file history removing from chat if i close and re-open the chat windows for same user.

i feel that, the history should be there if any kind of activity is done over chat. history meant to be track the detailed activity. :slight_smile:


-Sandeep Patil

Well, in my opinion there is not much value in seeing “document.doc has been transferred” if you can’t open it from the history. But as i have said on the other thread, i’m not objecting. Patches are welcome :slight_smile: