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Server 2 Server conference and group list?

So I have 2 openfire instances. chat1 and chat2 in 2 different locations.

Is there anyway I can have users on chat2 access conference rooms on chat1? I try adding conference.chat1 to Spark when logged onto chat2 but can’t see the service.

I know S2S is working because if I add individual users user@chat1 it works fine.

I also have the same problem, who can help me? thanks!

make sure all the ports are open in your routers/firewall. if you do not port forward all the required ports it will not work.

Is conference.chat1 and conference.chat2 also resolvable via DNS?

they do not need to be resolvable via dns. only the servers themselves need to be resolveable.

Yes, you’re right. If you only have 2 Openfire server it should work without name resolution. But this is not RFC compliant and I would recommend to setup a resolvable DNS name.

conference.chatserver.domain.com does not need to be resolved. it is a function of the chat server itself. you only need to resolve chatserver.domain.com. The servers themselves handle the group chat resolution.

Hi Todd,

as I said previously, you’re right for communication only between Openfire servers, so your answer is correct for this thread. But generally it’s not correct, see the discussion on the JDEV list or e.g. cannot access openfire component. And in my opinion this “feature” of Openfire has some drawbacks at least one that the administrators got confused and don’t know how S2S communication work…