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Server 2 server

Maybe i’m blind or doing something wrong, but in some cases i’m not able to set server to server jubber connection

i have 3 jabber servers




when i type in connecting to chat room

conference.jsrv.domain.com - it doesn’t work, but when i type conference.jsrv it works

i can enter chat room on terminal3.domain.com from server2 by typing in connection conference.terminal3 , but i cant enter chat rooms on server2 (nigther by typing conference.server2.ofts.domain.com nor conference.server2)

jsrv and terminal3 are in same net and server 2 in other one


I wonder whether this was ever fixed. At least old releases had the problem that s2s connections between foo.example.com and bar.example.com do not work.


I’ve done a quick check with my testing environment, one server with domain.lt and another with another.domain.lt and it seems there is an issue. The servers established the S2S connection but sometimes the packetrouter or routing table didn’t route the packets correctly. I think this needs further investigations. Is there already a Jira ticket?

I’ve solved the problem.

1- create dns A record conference.server.domian.com same as server.domain.com

2- when you setup openfire write FQDN in server name. your server should be server.domain.com not just server

3- when connecting to conferece (i’ll use example from 1st post)

on subdivision ofts i use:

to connect to conference on their local server conference.server2.ofts.domain.com

to connect to main office i use conference.terminal3 (!! without any dot or full domain name. conference.terminal3.domain.com returns error and i didn’t figured out why)

for me it wokrs now…