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Server address

I have just installed OPENFIRE on a Windows 2003 server. I have set the router/firewall to direct all traffic to this servers IP address for all open fire ports and this works with the admin. For example if i go to my browser and type http://www.mydomainname.com:9090 I get the openfire admin console however what address do I use in SPARK to access this server from the outside world. Let say my openfire server name is ‘chatserver’ and my domain name is mydomain.com then in the SPARK server name what would I use - I have tried everything that makes sense and cannot get it to connect - e.g. xmpp.chatserver.mydomain.com:5222 does not work and any variation.

I know this is a really simple question but it has be stumped

You should use a domain name that you have specified during Openfire installation, that is the same as server name. Check in Admin Console > Server > Server Manager > System Properties > xmpp.domain value. This should be mydomain.com, and in Spark server should be mydomain.com.