Server becomes unresponsive and laggy when we need it most

We run a Wildfire 3.1.1 server and connect to it using Psi 0.10 clients. We have around 400 users in total, spread between three different servers. Under normal conditions everything works mostly as expected. When an incident occurs, the population of the main chatroom increases from 100 users to around 150-170 as everyone tries to get the information in order to react to it. It can take more than five minutes between hitting enter and a message actually appearing in the room.

Restarting the wildfire service usually alleviates the problem, but this takes up to fifteen minutes. When we try and stop the service, it fails to respond in a timely fashion and then displays “Stopping”. We have to wait until it finally stops before we can actually restart the server.

What could be causing our problem? Our users are beginning to get exasperated, and we’re running out of ideas!

I recommend to update your installation to the latest openfire (formerly Wildfire) install (3.5.2) and then test again. Your version is really outdated!

Also you should update to Psi 0.12-RC2. Sure, it’s an release candidate, but I’m using it since some months now, its stable for me. It has improved groupchat features:

  • you can open groupchat windows as tabs, if you like mixed with private chat tabs

  • bookmarks are supported, you can autojoin groupchats


did you adjust the memory (java heap) settings? How much memory is free according to http://your-server:9090/index.jsp ?

JVM Settings and Debugging may be helpful.