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"Server does not support VCards..." error when saving vcard for anonymous user

Hello there,

I’m using Openfire 4.6.0 with Spark Client 2.9.4. I login as anonymous user and try to save a VCard for the user. Spark prompts the below error:

So, I cannot create/update a VCard for an anonymous user.

On the other hand, Saving a VCard is totally working fine for registered users. However, I cannot manage to do the same for anonymous users. Searched the whole web deep down, but couldn’t come across with anything.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance.

An anonymous user is ephemeral. What would be the usage case to save a VCard ?

I’d like to keep track of some basic information using vcard of those who are anonymous. These information may be exposed to some other users during the active time of the anonymous user.

Is saving vcard for anon users possible?

Openfire ties vcards to registered users. The current implementation does not work with anonymous users, I think. You might be able to write a custom provider though.

Thank you both for your the replies, we clarified yet another point on openfire functionality. If the above replies are the fact, this thread can be closed, and be a future reference for those who may face with the same situation. :slightly_smiling_face: