Server does not support vcards, unable to save your card

running openfire 3.10.2. when you try to modify your profile and save, it give this error: “server does not support vcards, unable to save your card.” I’m new to openfire, and just built this, so i’m not sure what the fix is for this. I’m seeing a lot of plugins that could be applied, but i didn’t see anything for 3.10.2.

the plugin i acquired is for 3.2.2 (and probably later versions too). How can i know if this will work on 3.10.2?

If the fix i have isn’t the right one, are there any fixes for this available? What can i do about this?

By plugins you probably mean patches. If the patch is for 3.2.2 it most certainly could not work for 3.10.2.

How do you change your profile? What client are you using? Do you have it integrated with AD (LDAP)?

No i don’t mean patches. But that doesn’t mean a patch is or isn’t the correct fix. right now, i’m not sure what the right avenue is.

when i search the problem: “server does not support vcards, unable to save your card”, many of these searches return suggesting a plugin is required for this function to work. The suggested plugin is often a LDAP V Card avatar plugin… However, they’re all plugins for earlier versions of openfire. This might or might not be the right way to go. i’m just not sure.

I’m using spark client. We are wanting to click on “spark” at the top menu of the application, >edit my profile> and be able to add information + an avatar if we desire, but you cannot modify a thing. Doesn’t matter what you do, once you click ‘save’, you get this message: “server does not support vcards, unable to save your card.”

Did i set it up on LDAP? - Yes i did! Wouldn’t do it any other way.

i have it on Ubuntu server 14