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Server does not support VCards, unable to save your VCard

Another problem, but not sure how new it is. I’m on Openfire 4.0.3 using LDAP with Spark 2.8.2. I get the message “Server does not support VCards, unable to save your VCard” if I try to Edit my profile and save any changes. Unless, that is, I clear my avatar, then I am able to make changes and save. Then I can choose the same avatar picture again, and save…ONCE. After that initial save, any time I edit my profile and attempt to save changes, I get the error message in the title.

I also forgot to add that I’ve had at least one user tell me that they cannot see my avatar. So apparently, the server doesn’t recognize my avatar. Perhaps only my Spark client has it, but I can see avatars for other people (but they are generally on 2.6.3 - 2.7.2 though).