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Server doesnt close the stream


i posted this behaviour already in an ealier version of jive messenger. The server doesnt close the stream. When i want to close my session and send the </stream:stream> for closing my stream, but then i expect the same from the server. The end of stream is never coming from the server and the server is never closing the socket when it receives my end of stream. So the socket stays still alive. I think a xmpp compliant server should send the “</stream:stream>” too when it receives it from the client. After this both sides should try to close the socket.


the server is even sending me packet after i closed my stream. The empty Sends are my keep alive packets.


Hey Alex,

Thanks for the bug report. The problem has been fixed. You can try tomorrow with the next nightly build.


– Gato


i will try the nightly build tomorrow on my server.


Hi Gato,

works perfect now with the latest build.