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Server group refresh bug

I don’‘t know if this applies as a bug in Spark or in Wildfire. We had a user that was listed in two different groups when they should have only been in one. So we removed the user from the wrong group using the Wildfire Admin Console, and saved. It removed the user, and instantly the group we’'d modified dissappeared out of Spark.

Any ideas?

Hi Timothy,

could you give some more details? The user who was in the wrong group should immediately not be able to see this group any more. All other users who are in this group should still see it without this user. Does all other users fail to see this group?


Sorry I was not veyr clear with my original posting. I’'ll describe it in detail.

Our company has offices in four cities, and so we have publically displayed Groups for each city that show up on ALL users rosters. So if I’'m in Vancouver, I can still see the groups for the other cities.

Well, one user was listed in the Vancouver group as well as the Toronto group, so I logged into the Wildfire Admin Console and removed the user from the Toronto group. Immediately when I saved, the Toronto group dissappeared from everyone’'s roster (irregardless of what group they were a member of) and only reappeared when they quit Spark and restarted it.

Any ideas?