Server help

Is there any Openfire server, which is available for any user? I need server address to connect and use Spark, because I am working on a research project of mine in which I would like to involve Spark.

Since I can’t connect to gTalk, I am not able to use Spark at all, so I will really appreciate if someone would help me about this.



Thanks Todd!

I have tried to connect using the same username and password I used to login to this community, but I got “Invalid username or password” error. Do I need to register somewhere else for this server???

I think you need to register on the server. I know I did.

Thanks again Todd! Can you just tell me where to register? I’ve searched the site, didn’t find anything? Thanks

Spark will let you create a new account. Create the accounts button at the bottom left of the login window. Each client is different in how it does this.

Thanks a lot Todd! Thanks a million!