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Server jabber support in XIFF?

Hi, i have install jabberd1.4 and jiveMessenger in my server, and xiff work, but i need know if xiff will work in jabberd2 and other server jabber



As far as I’'m informed was the code to support xiff removed in the jabberd2 version. To check this again download the jabberd2 source and search for “flash”. If you dont find anything the support war removed.

the only servers that are supported by xiff are jabberd, jivemessenger and openim (but openim has no groupchat support)


jabberd2 is not Flash compatible - it really has nothing to do with XIFF in particular. The reason for this has to do with the way Flash’‘s XMLSocket works. It is a datagram socket, meaning that it expects everything coming in and out to be a complete XML stanza. The XMPP spec, however, calls for a streaming XML socket, one that doesn’'t expect to get an entire XML stanza or document at once.

The maintainers of jabberd2 don’‘t like the “hack” that adds Flash support because technically it deviates from the spec and jabberd2 is meant to serve as a reference server. So they didn’'t put it in there. The only way to get jabberd2 to work would be to hack it yourself.


  • Sean

Thanks for your help

I will continue in development over jabber1.4 or JiveMessenger



Some months ago there was a proposed patch for jabberd2 about Flash clients. You can follow this link to get the available patches: http://j2.openaether.org/mediawiki/index.php/Jabberd2_patches. If I’'m not wrong the developers decided not to include the patch since they were having some problems with SSL and the flash patch.

Anyway, you may post a message to the jabberd2 list to get more accurate information.


– Gato

Gracias Gaston

I was look your link, and will install the patch in this week.

I belive what the bug (problem with SSL transaction) of the patch should be fixed, and

was working in this.

If somebody have information helpfull over this, please post here.

Thanks again Gaston