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Server Migration - Win2003 & SQL


We are currently running Openfire v3.5.2 using a MS SQL database on an external server.

We need to move the Openfire installation to a new server and also migrate the db from a SQL2000 server to a SQL2005 server and also would like to upgrade to Openfire v3.6.3

Can someone please confirm the correct process for this? I have been looking around the forum but am still not 100% sure as the new servers will have different names.

So far I assume that the correct process is something as follows:

1 - Install Openfire 3.5.2 on new server

2 - Copy Openfire program files directory from old server to new server to retain config?? I believe that there is a xml file with the server name that needs to be changed

3 - Backup & restore Openfire db to new SQL Server

4 - Edit Openfire xml to point to new SQL server

5 - Test Openfire is working

6 - Upgrade to Openfire 3.6.3

Any help/advice would be appreciated



Your steps seem to be correct. It is the process I used.