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Server name change

If I change the server name and the xmpp.domain value (which is the same as the server name) everyting breaks. Openfire only works if the server name and the xmpp.domain value are the same as the computer name.

How can I have a server name (xmpp.domain) that is different than the computer’s name that openfire is installed on?

What OS do you have Openfire running on? It sounds like windows, with AD integration.

Openfire is running on a windows XP box. I had the same problem running it on a windows server 2003 box.

The profile setting in openfire is set to default.

Are you bound to AD with that computer? A computer that is bound to AD is known by the network (DNS especially) by the name it is bound to. You can add aliases to the DNS however Openfire does not seem to honor them. All other functions for seem to honor the aliases.

By your description the computer is bound to AD. Since it is not honored as you said, I cannot change the name and I must use the name of the computer.

It appears to be an issue more with the way windows treats bound computers the primary DNS name is always the bound name on the primary NIC. Lookups back to AD are done on this interface and therefore that is where Openfire seems to need to be. I have a server with 3 NICs and openfire will only work on the interface used to query back to AD.

Thanks for the explanation.