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OK, please let me know if this makes sense. When I’‘m setting up Jive Messenger, I want the server name to be a CNAME, for examples messenger.domain.com, instead of a standard hostname, MyBox.domain.com… I want to do this in case I decide to move the service from MyBox to MyBox2, all I’‘d have to do is change where the CNAME’'s pointing. Anyway, when I try to setup Jive to use a CNAME for the Server Name I cannot register against the server. The only way it works is to use the boxes host name. Does anybody know how I can get this to work?

example.com. A

example.com. MX 10 example.com.

messenger.example.com. CNAME example.com.

conference.example.com. CNAME example.com.

Put messenger.example.com in the Jive Messenger Admin for your xmpp.domain

Also keep in mind that it takes time for DNS changes to migrate through the global Internet.

I’‘ve already set the XMPP.Domain to the CName, but when a user registers it still registers as username@servername not username@CName. Also, if I set the “Server Name:” to a CName instead of a host name, I cannot register accounts. I want my user’'s to register as username@CName instead of username@Hostname, how can I accomplish this?

It sounds to me like your domain cname is resolving to your server name. So if you want it to be username@cname and not username@what-servername-resolves-to then I think you better check your SRV records:


Also, did you try just setting both the server name and domain to the same cname?

Try this from a windows workstation

nslookup <–

set type=any <–

yourdomainname.com <–

There should be a line that says

yourdomainname.com internet address = XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

If this is not the IP address that you have pointed at the Messenger server then you need to do 1 of 2 things.

  1. setup SRV records based on the docs that Father Ham has referenced. or

  2. setup a Host/alias for your messenger server’'s ip like jabber.yourdomainname.com or something that ponts directly to your server.

Lastly your could change the DNS record for the domain and have “blank” host point to your Messenger server, but this has other ramifications that may have to be delbt with.

Hope this helps