Server on Cpanel possible?

Hello everybody,

Very simple question Is there any way to start server and messenger on Cpanel based sites.

I havent found any post about it



I think you might be the first to ask about Cpanel support. I’‘m assuming it’'s a centralized management tool for hosted sites? Any ideas about what it would take for us to support it?



Sorry for my understanding power but if you please tell in easy language that can I install messenger on my Cpanel based site ie. with help of whm/cpanel I will more thankfull to you. If yes then please suggest downloadable files also. I checked wildfire on windows only and its work very fine so I want to use this on my site also.




CPanel is as far as I know just a Web-GUI to manage a server. It does as far as I know not support Wildfire, so you need a shell or Terminal account to install Wildfire and update it and access to port 9090/9091 to manage Wildfire.

I don’'t know whether your provider allows you to install and run java applications, this you must ask your provider.