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Server Requirements / Max Number of Users?


What type of server would you suggest for optimal IM performance?

I was thinking Joyent Accelerator for MySQL


We need a server that will handle hundreds of message a second. We are anticipating 100,000+ users daily and need the capability to grow quickly without outages or error in delivery.


  1. What server specs would you recommend? What provider? (we would like to use cloud hosting for scalability)

  2. How much bandwidth does Openfire use a month? (Typical chat + limited file sharing)

  3. Is there a maximum number of users Openfire can accommodate or is it strictly based on server hardware?

  4. What would you need to handle 1,000,000 users?

**I greatly appreciate your help and look forward to your response. Thanks! **

No suggestions?


I have same sort of questions, which you have posted long time back.

Please let me know, if you have come to know about some specific configurations by this time.