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Server restarts resulting in some users appearing in all groups

Strange one this is. It appears to be more of an UI bug.

If I restart the server via console (service openfire restart) once the server has restarted the webgui will display some users as if they’ve been added to every group available.

I’ve tried deleting the user,recreating and then restarting the server but the user again appears to be in every group also appears to be the same users every time.

Although if I go to administrate a group which they are supposedly to be in; they are not. If I mark the user as an admin in their correct group and then revoke the permissions, the webgui will then report correctly the correct groups until next restart where it will appear that the user is in all groups.

Happy to give more info if required.

Hypervisor: XenServer 6

OS: Debian 8 / OpenFire 4.1.1

Database: Debian / MySQL 5.5

Just kind of annoying.

Edit: It appears that any users that are online during the restart will get the bug

[OF-1269] Admin Console shows wrong group affiliation information for some users - IgniteRealtime JIRA

You can try the nightly build with this fix here

Windows Project-Windows-distribution-files

Deb Project-Debian-distribution-files