Server Settings>Security Settings ssl-settings.jsp below the header = blank

OS = openSuSE 10.1

Database = MSSQL (2003 Small Business Server)

I installed a test environment planning for an implementation of wildfire. I mis-configured ssl and now when clicking on the Security Settings link, nothing but a blank screen appears, port 9090 is working fine. Understand this was on a test server.

I took a completely different server, and installed wildfire, connected to the same MSSQL external database, port 9090 is fine, except the Security Settings link, still blank.

I wanted to troubleshoot the issue, am assuming that problem setting is within the database as this problem is the same on two complete different servers. I would like to know where to change the setting.

Perhaps I should reinitialize/recreate the database?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


I deleted the MSSQL Database, re-created the database using the provided sql query, and alas the same problem remains, thus perhaps this is not stored in the DB.

your keystore is either empty or corrupted, try stopping the server, and replacing you keystore with the ones with the distribution.

See: eygen.html and nstall.html

on how to manage keystores.

I resolved my problem with a quick backup of the xml config file, and uninstalled the rpm, removed the directory, and then reinstalled the rpm. The problem was resolved in about 5 minutes. The bad thing is, no conclusive solution was found, but I am almost 99% sure the answer in this post was the correct solution, I just didn’'t have the time to test.