Server side chats archiving


I recently read about some XMPP extension that aims to describe server side chats archiving:

On the other hand I noticed that there was some activity on implementing XEP-0136 as an Openfire plugin:

I am wondering what the Spark team thinks about this. If Openfire fully supports XEP-0136, would be desirable that Spark to have

XEP-0136 support implemented as well?



I would position Spark/Openfire to be an enterprise ready solution. Compliance conformance is a key issue and XEP-0136 conformance would be nice. At least from my point of view.

Currently, I have the impression that archiving on the OF side would require some rework and a stable OF 3.7.0. This would be my main concern, a 3.7.1 release would be helpful to get “enterprise-readiness”. (Probably, I am doing wrong to 3.7.0 and it’s stability, but common knowledge is to always wait for the first service pack :slight_smile: )