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Server side groups

I have a 3.3.0 openfire server and have setup server side groups. I have users that are in more then one group, however in Spark(2.5.2) they only show up in a single group. Is this a feature, bug or am I simply not doing something right?

It should not be a bug, I have the same setup, with the exception that some of the clients are 2.5.3 beta 1 spark, but that makes no difference. I have 11 groups, and have multiple people that belong to many groups, and they DO show up under each group… But I have groups shared amongst all other groups and users, Even if they ARE NOT a member of that group… Go into users/groups in the admin console, click on group summary on the left column, click then on a group name on the group summary screen that comes up, then under the edit group, you will see the option “Enable contact list group sharing” , tick that, and just under that enter a group name, and check the box under that , that says “Share group with additional users”, then a box will appear that says “all users”, I check that as well and “save contact list settings” BUTTON, then log out with a couple of test clients and log in, it should then be what you want, at least it is for me… Works perfectly!!

Hope that helps!