Server side integration in website (IIS)

Hi all! I hope it’s ok that I post this question here

I am looking for a way to implement XMPP sessions server side on my IIS webserver for the purpose of integrating chat on the website with Jabber accounts and external clients. To put it simple; as the user logs in to the website the server automatically creates a Jabber session and logs in. The user can then send and receive messages to other users of the site (every site user account already has a Jabber account associated with it) as well as external contacts in his or her buddy list.

I would preferably like to implement this into the current solution, running under ASP (not .Net). I have looked into embedding a Perl library for it, but that failed as the version of Perl provided by ActiveState (with full ActiveScript support) is only v5.10 and parts of the library required v5.8, so I’m currently stuck.

To clarify: I am looking for a way to do this server side, not by the means of client side applets or anything that runs in the clients browser

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Okay, first of all, don’t consider this a bump. This is just a suggestion, that in my opinion could boost Openfire’s popularity quite a bit. I don’t know much Java, especially not when it comes to writing plugins for Openfire, but hopefully someone with the skills could help realize this project, and make the Web a more connected place

What I’ve come up with in the pursuit of trying to realize my previous question is that integration with ASP isn’t really the essential part here. As far as server side integration goes, that part could be played by Openfire. As long as valid data can be presented to a Javascript by polling, the actual integration with the site is in place.

So, how about a plugin for Openfire, that provides a basic API for connecting to the server, managing the roster, and sending/receiving messages? This could be easily done by accepting HTTP POST requests, and simply replying with properly formatted JSON data for the client to parse.

This would make implementing Jabber into a website as simple as writing the client-side JavaScript code and have it poll the server for updates, which would definitely be a big plus for Openfire when it comes to Web 2.0

My JID is if you want to talk further about this idea.

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