Server-side Roster Management Question

I created a simple plugin that allows us to automatically add one or more users to the rosters of all existing users and any new users that get created. We need this because most of our “users” are actually bots and we need to be able to use Last Activity queries to see if they’'re still connected. The plugin works fine and we can do the necessary Last Activity queries immediately after adding a user, e.g., admin, to the various rosters. Over time, however, the Last Activity queries start failing. The response IQ packet contains:

Is there some time limit on roster subscriptions?

Thanks … WkH

Hey Ward,

Adding dynamic entries to rosters could prove to be a tough task as experienced with shared groups. I don’'t know have your code to review so my very first recommendation would be checking that problematic rosters do have the correct subscriptions. Wildfire does not have any clean up or automatic unsubscription process.

BTW, have you tried using shared groups to obtain the same result? In order to be more helpful regarding the 403 error we would need to see the complete SENT and RECEIVED packets.


– Gato

Thanks for the response Gato. I think I’‘ve solved the problem, at least in my limited case. It turns out I was using the wrong method to add a user to another user’‘s roster. I was using setSubStatues() which appears only to effect the cache. I explored the code, thank heaven for open source, and discovered the proper methods - which I can’‘t recall at the moment since I don’'t have the source in front of me.

I didn’‘t look into shared groups since a) I don’‘t really know anything about them and b) we have a large population of bot “users”, with more being added as new machines are deployed in our environment, and I didn’‘t want to have to add them by hand. I could probably figure out how to use the Registration plugin to help but I’'m under a little schedule pressue.

Thanks again!